The police was not called but was present inside polling station


In the precinct station 35/36 in Vanadzor the police officer was standing inside the polling station. This was noticed and reported to the chairman of the precinct electoral commission by the correspondent of in Vanadzor. “After my notice, the policeman left the precinct station and headed to the staircase in front of the station. And the chairman of the commission Rouben Charchyan, member of Republican Party of Armenia, stated that this is characteristic to all precinct stations,” reported the journalist.

Earlier, the correspondent of reported that at the precinct station 29/3 in Vanadzor, the temporary stamp marks in passports of voters vanished before 10 am. Because of this, a protocol was made and the ink was replaced with a regular one. The same was registered in precinct station 30/09.

At the 30/27 precinct station the journalist noticed often needed cases of assisting one another during voting. One elderly man registered as assistant, but also voted at the same time.

Anoush Boulghadaryan

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