Children From Gyumri Urge Environment Preservation


In one of Gyumri’s playgrounds the garbage took the unhappy smiley face till the children removed it, and with planting flowers transformed it into a happy smiley face.

This was the plot of an environmental commercial, created by children from15 to17 years old, who take photography classes at the Center for Development “Moush” NGO. The commercial draws attention to the recycling problem in Gyumri. The environmental commercial was first presented in Yerevan on July 13th at a photo exhibition, which was arranged within the frames of the project “Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization”.

The photography group operates with the support of the area development program of Gyumri of the international benevolent organization “World Vision Armenia”. As the head of “Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization” project Tamara Barbakadze told, the children always arrange photo exhibitions in Gyumri, but this one was different, as it was organized in Yerevan, and then the children introduced their first environmental commercial.

“The yard which was shot in the commercial is one of the few in our city that has a playground, and where not all the children can enjoy their rest and games. We shot the video on this very subject to urge everybody to protect what they have,” says 17-year-old Rima Nazarethyan, one of the authors of the commercial.

One of the co-authors, 17-year-old Gohar Hakobyan added that everybody should be able to make the world around them better, as it is said at the end of the commercial “Our yard is our face”.

Mainly the children were suggesting the local self-governing authorities and the Government of Armenia to be involved in environment preservation programs.

An exhibition was also organized with the headlines of ; “The Army of Armenia”, “The World From Our Point of View”, “Our Churches and Our religious Holidays”, “Let’s Celebrate the Independence Day Together”, “Paying Respect to The Victims of Genocide”.

The head of the photography courses Artashes Hakobyan thinks that during 7 years the group has developed. Children learn to shoot and gain theoretical and computer experience, which is necessary for future photographers.

17-year-old Tatyana Hakobyan mentions that taking photography courses was very useful: every move in the air now is a perfect shot for her. Though, she wants to become a psychologist, she knows for certain that she’ll continue photographing.

”Grassroots Voice for Human Rights Mobilization” project is being implemented by World Vision Armenia organization in cooperation with Civil Society Institute and Armenia’s Helsinki Committee NGOs. 

Author Կարինե Իոնեսյան