Interim Report of the OSCE Election Observation Mission is Issued


The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), which carries out Election Observation Mission, issued its first interim report on the presidential election process observed since 10 January.

“This election will be the first presidential election held under the Electoral Code adopted in May 2011. The new Code was previously assessed as comprehensive and generally providing a sound basis for the conduct of democratic elections. At the same time, there are still areas where it could benefit from improvement”, says the report, which reflects on the period of 10-16 January.

The report mainly presents the RA legislation on election, regulations on election organization and administration, time schedule, nominated candidates, number of voters and other general information. It also presents the Election Observation Mission activities.

Let us note that OSCE/ODIHR carried out an election observation mission during May 2012  parliamentary elections, which according to the report, “were characterized by a competitive, vibrant and largely peaceful campaign, which was, however, marked by a low level of confidence in the integrity of the process”.

“Some violations of campaign provisions by electoral contestants, including the use of administrative resources and attempts to limit voters' freedom of choice, created an unequal playing field and ran counter to OSCE commitments”, says the report.

The OSCE/ODIHR Election Observation Mission is composed of the main team of 13 members based in Yerevan and 24 long-term observers based throughout the country.

ODIHR will involve 250 short-term observers from the OSCE countries to observe the voting process, vote calculation process and compilation of the voting results.

The report in English available

The report in Armenian (an unofficial translation)