Indefinite student strike with demand for new elections (photos)


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On February 25, 2013 an indefinite strike has been launched upon the initiative of a group of students. By this way students protest against the official results of the Presidential Elections in Armenia. “We demand annulling rigged election results and arranging new elections”, they state.

Participants of the protest actions rallied from the Yerevan State University main building towards the State University of Economics, State Medical University, University of Architecture and Agrarian University and spoke out their demands calling upon the other students to join the strike to express their protest.

However, the doors and gates of the universities were locked upon the order of rectors to prevent participation of students in the action.  

Action participants were chanting the slogan: “Free, independent student!” and declared through loud speaker that nobody had the right to restrict the right to take part in peaceful assemblies. 

When participants of the rally passed by the main universities, they joined the protesters gathered in front of the Central Election Commission of Armenia where once again voiced their demands.

Members of the “Youth resistance” initiative group issued a statement where they stated that the activists of the protest actions had been threatened to be dismissed from the universities for their political activities.

Nevertheless, the active students are decisive and declared that the strike and protest actions will be continued until the justice is achieved. Today, on February 26, at 11 am, another rally will take place in front of the Yerevan State University main building.

Photos by "PanArmenian Photo"