Preliminary results of municipal elections in Yerevan


On 6 May, at 10:00 the Central Electoral Commission summarized the preliminary results of the municipal elections in Yerevan.

The results received from all 464 precinct stations demonstrate that the leading forces are the Republican party of Armenia, “Prosperous Armenia” party and “Barev Yerevan” coalition- the Yerevan council will be formed out of them.

The number of votes received by political parties and coalitions follows as:

Republican Party of Armenia  – 235.512 (55,89 per cent)

Political party “Prosperous Armenia” – 97.189 (23,07 per cent)

Coalition of political parties “Barev Yerevan”– 35.732 (8,48 per cent)

Political party“Armenian National Congress”– 18.499 (4,39per cent)

Armenian Revolutionary party Dashnaktsutyun – 15.999 (3,80per cent)

Political party “Rule of Law”– 15.733 (3,73per cent)

Political party “Mission”– 2.692 (0,64per cent)

According to the law of Armenia, at the Yerevan municipal elections, the threshold for political parties is 6 per cent and for coalitions of political parties- 8 per cent. Thus, the RPA, Prosperous Armenia and Barev Yerevan will form the council of Yerevan.

The law also defines that the candidate of the winning party, which received the majority of votes, becomes the mayor of Yerevan. Based on the preliminary results, the leader of the RPA list TaronMargaryan was re-elected in the position of the mayor.

According to the final data from the RA Police, the overall number of voters was 816.478։As of preliminary data, 437, 212 voters participated in the elections- 53,55 per cent of voters.

The number of marked envelopes in the ballot boxes was 436.590, 15.250 ballots were considered as void.

Let us note that the final results of the elections will be presented by the Central Electoral Commission in 7 days from elections, on 12 May.