Beaten by unknown persons


On 5 September, late at night, two more participants of protests ongoing in Yerevan Haykak Arshamyan, Program Coordinator at the Yerevan Press Club, and Souren Saghatelyan, Board Member of “Transparency International” anti-corruption center, were beaten in Yerevan.

According to them, that night they met their friends, including activist Vilen Hakobyan known as “Boat roller” on Facebook as well as wondered around Opera building. Later on when they returned home, and Haykak stepped out of the car to unlock the garage, some people approached him from the back and hit him. Then they attacked Souren Saghatelyan who tried to go out of the car.

 “They hit me mainly on my head, I have my finger broken, well, I don’t know. It lasted about one or two minutes, and after that they ran away in a very organized manner. I assume that it is connected with the protest actions, although I do not take active part in the actions because of lack of time. However, they saw me with the guys in that group,” told Souren Saghatelyan to the CivilNet.

Haykak told that the attackers probably have followed them on the way. He noticed that a black Jeep stopped next to them at the same time when they stopped at a drug-store.

“There were six or seven trained guys, a beating brigade. They stroke with hands and kicked us, when they finished beating they asked “are you an Armenian from the Diaspora?” told Haykak Arshamyan.

After the attack the ambulance brought the victims to hospital, where they reported the incident to the Police.

To remind, prior to this incidents 5 other people were subjected to attacks:

  • On 22 August, activist Anoushavan Grigoryan was beaten by unknown persons at 5 Komitas St., Yerevan.  
  • On August 25, at 1:30 a.m., a few young people approached Mihran Margaryan and Babken Ter-Grigoryan in the vicinity of Hotel Ararat and asked whether they had participated in the sit-in protests in front of the Yerevan municipality. When they heard a positive response, they started beating the activists saying: ‘Are you going against our fathers?’
  • On 25 August, unknown persons attacked Mickael Tonoyan  at the Victory Bridge, saying ‘Are you trying to hurt our fathers?’ then hit him and ran away.
  • In the early morning of 5 September, at Mashtots Ave. a group of people attacked activist Arman Alexanyan.

Civil Society Institute issued a statement condemning the violence. A joint statement of more than 20 NGOs was also distributed.