20 persons out of all previously summoned to the police station have been arrested


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The revolution organized yesterday by a former political prisoner, former accused of “the Case of the Seven”, Chairman of the “Tribal Religion” political party Shant Haroutyunyan, resulted in clashes and mass disorder. 38 persons were summoned to the police station.

The police informed that following investigative actions, 20 persons were arrested, namely: Haroutyunyan Shant, Terteryan Ashot, Avetisyan Avetis, Petrosyan Tigran, Poghosyan Alek, Petrosyan Liparit, Hovhannisyan Armen, Haroutyunyan Hayk, Vardanyan Vardan, Arakelyan Misak, Mkrtchyan Davit, Margaryan Albert, Grigoryan Anoushavan, Mkhitaryan Mkhitar, Ghazaryan Hovhannes, Mnatsakanyan Sevak, Mkrtchyan Vahe, Hovhannisyan Mkrtich, Hovikyan Manouk, and Mkhitaryan Arman. 18 persons were released and involved as witnesses.

A criminal case was instituted into the fact on the basis of Article 316, part 2 of the Criminal Code - using violence against a representative of authority and Article 185, part 2 (1) - destroying or damaging property of another person. The material evidence, found during the examination of the crime scene, namely the buttons and self-made bundles with explosive mixtures, were taken out and sent for examination. The investigation is carried out by the Department of Investigation of Especially Important Cases of the Chief Investigation Department of the Armenian Police. According to the press release of the Police, there are policemen who sustained physical injuries, and four of them are in hospital, whereas none of the detainees has any injuries.

However, according to the information received by, a 14-year- old son of Shant Haroutyunyan, Shahen Haroutyunyan has been beaten while being summoned to the police station. Shahen Haroutyunyan said to a representative of Civil Society Institute NGO that he had been beaten when detained at Mashtots Avenue and then in the police car. He had a bruise under an eye, and traces of iunjuries on his head sustained as a result of a hit. Other detainees confirmed the fact of beating. They tried to intervene and prevent the beating of Shahen Haroutyunyan, but instead they were also summoned to the police station together with him.

As it was reported earlier, on 5 November, “the march of a million of masks” towards the Presidential Palace which started at 5 p.m, was blocked at Mashtots Avenue, near the Opera house. Shant Haroutyunyan and his supporters left the Freedom Square and entered the traffic zone of  Mashtots  Avenue. After the police’s calls on them not to hinder the traffic, a clash started among the protestors and the police. The activists were swinging buttons, and throwing Molotov cocktails at the feet of the police.

In addition, the red berets, the special purpose uniforms of the police and other divisions of the police arrived at the spot, and as a result, more than 30 persons were detained and the march was stopped.

Late at night, the Police disseminated a statement stating that it would not tolerate and would react in a tough manner to any illegal actions. According to the statement, there are injured policemen. 

A criminal case was instituted following the event on the basis of Article 316 of the Criminal Code- using violence against a representative of authorities. Investigative operations at the crime scene were carried out until late night.

Prior to the start of the march Shant Haroutyunyan told journalists: “It depends on the policemen; they will be treated the way they behave. We do not have anything on us except bottles with gasoline, stones, sticks and slingshots and manganese bronze mixture; we have not taken any other arms yet. If they use lethal arms against us, those of us who survive will take up weapon and use against them. We, the revolutionaries, do not want bloodshed. “

According to his declaration, Haroutyunyan’s goal is to take over the Presidential Palace and coup-d’état. On 31 October, Shant Haroutyunyan started a seat-in action at the Freedom Square with a poster “I am starting a revolution”.

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