The harassment against human rights defenders is condemnable


Saddened by the news that after Hasmik Khachatryan case judicial trail on May 5 in Gavar city, Republic of Armenia, some citizens addressed the human rights defenders who came there to support her with threats of violence and with insults, the activities of the “Women's Resource Center” and “Women's Support Centre” NGOs aimed at protecting the rights of women were qualified as “Armenian family destroyers”, and the representatives of the organization through hate speeches were encouraged to leave.

Once again we witnessed violation against human rights defenders, which is the result of existence of impunity in such acts, lack of complete legal regulation and lack of complete response by competent authorities. Also of concern is the fact that although domestic violence public awareness-raising activities are being implemented, many people still have the belief that the man has the right to slap his wife and domestic violence is an appropriate phenomenon in the society.

In fact such attitude towards everyone is condemnable, and even more intolerable is when they are addressed to the people who are fighting for the protection of the rights of others.

We hope that this incident will receive proper response and qualification by law enforcement bodies and measures will be undertaken for the prevention of such cases in future.

Adviser to the Ombudsman

Ms. Anna Safaryan