Statement regarding the trial of Shahen Harutyunyan, Shant Harutyunyan’s son


The trial of Shant Harutyunyan, his son Shahen Harutyunyan and other members of the protesting group is being held these days. The way this trial is being handled is in line with many other trials that took place in Armenia - with a political pretext, bias and negligence of basic legal norms.

Nevertheless, the charges brought against 15 year old Shahen Harutyunyan (at the time when the act was committed Shahen was 14 years old) and the suggested 5 year prison sentence, is an extraordinary precedent, given that RA’s Prosecutor’s Office did not demand such a term even for some murder trials, cases in point being the murder allegedly committed by the son of Syunik region governor Surik Khachatryan and the assassination attempt of the RA army colonel for which nobody was charged in fact. Doesn’t the state prosecutor realize that we are dealing with a 15 year old underage teenager here, who by no means is a murderer, whose father is currently being prosecuted and is facing even a longer prison sentence, and that the charges will not only destroy the boy but the whole family?

EaP CSF Armenian National Platform expresses its deep resentment with the RA Prosecutor’s office indecent charges against Shahen Harutyunyan and reaffirms its assessment of Shant Harutyunyan and his son’s prosecution as a case for political persecution. With that in mind, EaP CSF Armenian National Platform demands the RA authorities and the judiciary to stop the shameful practice of settling scores with their opponents.

EU Armenian National Platform

of EaP Civil Society Forum