The Problems of the Introduction of Probation System Have Been Discussed at the Penitentiary Department


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On February 22 a meeting between HaykKhemchyan, the coordinator of the project “Support to the Establishment of Probation Service in Armenia”implemented by the Council of Europe and Martin Saddon, probation issuescounselor who had arrived from the UK took place at the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice RA. This is reported from the official website of the Penitentiary Department.

During the meeting they referred to the work done or to be done for the introduction and establishment of the probation system, the trial project and the exchange of necessary experience.

Arthur Osikyan, the Head of the Penitentiary Department and Major-General, highlighted the importance of the cooperation in that area and mentioned that he was well aware of the works implemented towards that, he also referred to the primary issues for the establishment of the system. The discussion was then continued between the experts of the probation system and employees of the socio-psychological, judiciary works units and the Unit of the Execution of the Alternative Punishments under the Penitentiary Department.