How to launch and operate a small business: training for probationers


On 22 December 2015 Civil Society Institute and Alternative Sanctions Enforcement Division of the Penitentiary Department under the Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the “Association for Cooperation of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs” NGO organised a half-day training workshop for 17 women probationers on particularities of launching and operating a business in Armenia.

The workshop was organised in the frames of the piloting probation offices in Armenia. It aimed to contribute to facilitation of re-socialisation of probationers by raising their awareness on possible types of occupation.

The training was delivered by the Chairperson of the “Association for Cooperation of Small and Medium Entrepreneurs” Hakob Avagyan. Mr. Avagyan is not only the founder of a number of successful business projects but he also deals with the protection of the interests of small and medium entrepreneurs and provides them with assistance.

The training included modules on the stages of launching a business, including such aspects as coming up with competitive business idea, finding funding for business, existing programmes for promoting small business in the taxation field, particularities of running a family business, the existing procedures, advantages and disadvantages of registering business as individual entrepreneur or Limited liability company.

The training workshop was organised in the frames of the project “Promotion of the use of alternative sanctions in the South Caucasus” implemented by Penal Reform International in cooperation with Civil Society Institute with the financial support of United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).