The Government approved the Statute and organizational architecture of the State Probation Service.


At the session of the Government of the Republic of Armenia held on 14 July 2016 the Statute and organizational structure of the State Probation Service was approved. The Probation service will consist of Central body, the Yerevan subdivision and the subdivisions of marzes (regions).

The State Probation Service has been established on the basis of the Alternative Sanctions Enforcement Division under the Ministry of Justice of Armenia. It will perform the following functions:

  • Implementation of non-custodial sanctions and other compulsory measures ordered by the court
  • Implementation of pretrial restraining measures alternative to detention on remand taking into account the assessment of the risks and the needs of the beneficiary of the Probation Service
  • Provision of advisory reports about a person on matters of suspension of the execution of the sentence, early conditional release, substitution of the sentence with a more lenient type of sentence, cancellation of criminal record
  • Supervision of convicts on parole due to conditional non-execution of the sentence, supervision of persons granted early conditional release, supervision of pregnant women or persons taking care of a child under the age of three, supervision of persons exempted of a sentence or the persons with their sentences deferred.

The Law on Probation with the enclosed package was unanimously approved on May 18, 2016 and since June 6, 2016 has entered into force.