Female convicts completed hairdressing course and received certificates (photos)


On September 28 in the educational section of “Abovyan” penitentiary institution the graduation ceremony for the participants of hairdressing course took place. The course has been organized by “Civil Society Institute” NGO in cooperation with the N6 State College of Crafts of Yerevan, Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice of RA and “Abovyan” penitentiary institution.

“Civil Society Institute” NGO with the assistance of the penitentiary institution has reconstructed and furnished training space in the educational section of the prison, which has all necessary equipment, materials and supplies for hairdressing courses.

The initiative came to life with the support of the MFA of the Republic of Lithuania and in the framework of the “Creation of more favorable conditions for the reintegration of female convicts” joint program carried out in collaboration with the embassy of Lithuania in Armenia.

8 female convicts successfully completed the hairdressing short-term course and received certificates. The training was carried out by the experienced trainers of the N6 State College of Crafts of Yerevan.

The Ambassador and Consul of Lithuania, the representatives of the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice of RA, “Abovyan” penitentiary institution and “The Rehabilitation Center of Offenders” NCSO and the organizers of the course, representatives of CSI NGO, took part in the event.

“This is a very important initiative, which will help women to get easier integrated back in the society after the release and to find their place in life”- said Ambassador Erikas Petrikas wishing good luck to the participants of the course.

Manuk Mikaelyan, the head of “Abovyan” penitentiary institution also welcomed the initiative. “The course was very productive. The choice of the profession was right, and many more female convicts want to participate”- he added.

“The course started on July 1 and was aimed to help female convicts to acquire profession get a job and stable income after serving the term”,- noted the director of “Civil Society Institute” NGO Anna Melikyan expressing hope, that after the pilot program implemented by the NGO, the workshop would continue at the further expense of the state.

During the final event the women, who had participated in the course, demonstrated the skills acquired: haircuts, evening, wedding party and everyday hairstyles.

From left to right: Erikas Petrikas, The Ambassador of Lithuania and Manuk Mikaelyan, the head of “Abovyan” penitentiary institution

Anna Melikyan, Director of CSI and Dovile Survilaite, Consul of Lithuania