Point of View

Right to life was taken away


On April 20 the investigation of the complaint brought by Artak Zeynalyan and Vahe Grigoryan, the representatives of the successors of Tigran Khachatryan, Gor Kloyan and Armen Farmanyan, died during March 1 events,  started in the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash administrative districts presided by judge Gayane Karakhanyan.

Tigran, Gor and Armen were killed from the injuries caused by "Cheryomukha 7" tear gas weapon (23 year old Tigran Khachatryan and 34 year old Armen Farmanyan were killed from the shot in the head, and 29 year old Gor Kloyan was killed from the shot in the right groin).

At the court hearing Artak Zeynalyan presented the complaint submitted to the court, according to which separate criminal cases were not instituted, and within the framework of the criminal case investigating March 1 events, the circumstances of the killings were not examined, and the murderers were not found.

"During these events only the employees of law enforcement bodies of RA military forces and other armed groups under their supervision (the suspicions of the presence of which have not been dispersed up to now by the investigation) were armed with weapon (measures of restraint)", says Zeynalyan.

The attorney added that a measure of restraint was not found with a participant of a rally or a person not representing RA state bodies. According to Zeynalyan the body investigating March 1 criminal case; the investigative group formed under RA Special Investigation Service and headed by Vahagn Harutyunyan, has not implemented a number of activities, particularly, examination of the place where the event had taken place, as well as photographing it. 

The investigation did not make clear whether these measures of restraint were of suitable use, how the usage of measures of restraint is regulated, which type of measure of restraint and in which cases they are allowed to be used by the Police. Investigative body did not conduct investigative experiment and did not make clear what power "Cheryomukha 7" shot has in case of reversed blow of grenade, and whether it can hurt people, whether people who had used measures of restraint were informed of the instructions of their usage, and whether they had passed any trainings about it.

As a result of a use of "Cheryomukha 7" measure of restraint, 3 citizens were killed. Whereas investigative body did not make clear where the people, who had used measures of restraint, were standing during the events, whose shot killed the people, and whom. Investigative body did not reveal who of the commanders had released an illegal order to use "Cheyomukha 7", and why the people had implemented these illegal orders", said Zeynalyan.

The attorney noted that Tigran Khachatryan's, Armen Farmanyan's and Gor Kloyan's right to life was violated and the state is obliged to protect their violated right. So he demanded the court to register that the right to life of the citizens was violated by state agents or their representatives, and that circumstances of the murders had been investigated ineffectively.

Harutyunyan also presented to the court explanations in a written form, and the court hearing was postponed with the reason to look through these explanations. The next session was scheduled on 5 May, at 14:30.