Point of View

The statement of the Civil Society Institute


Civil Society Institute NGO (CSI), which is a member organization of International Federation of Human rights (FIDH) in Armenia, is concerned about the recent actions of the police which were accompanied with human rights violations.

Since May 28, 2010 the access of a group of opposition activists to the Liberty square has been banned by the police. On May 31 an attempt was made to forbid the activists to cross Mashtots road, they were stopped near Liberty square, and were dragged away to Saryan monument. As a result of brutal actions of the police a confrontation arose lasting 1 hour, which was accompanied with insulting words from both sides. A number of people in plain cloths were following policemen's instructions and were taking forceful actions together with them. As a result, 17 citizens were taken to the police station, 3 of them, Davit Kiramijyan, Sarkis Gevorgyan and journalist Ani Gevorgyan were arrested and are still deprived of liberty. On the same day in the evening the policemen took forceful actions towards the representatives of human rights organizations and other people near Kentron Police Station.

We think that such actions of the police are legally unfounded, violate the rights to freedom of expression and freedom of movement of RA citizens and cause additional tension in the society. We think that keeping under custody Davit Kiramijyan, Sarkis Gevorgyan and Ani Gevorgyan is ungrounded.

We demand immediate release of the arrested people, stopping the limitations of the citizens' rights to freedom of expression and freedom of movement. Clarify and conduct investigation into the circumstances of the plain-clothed people's involvement in the police actions.