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“My Son was Brutally Tortured and Murdered”


Hasmik Hovanisyan, mother of contract serviceman, lieutenant Artak Nazaryan, who has died in suspicious circumstances in one of the Tavush province military units, was also in front of the Government Building on December 16, 2010. According to the official version, A. Nazaryan was instigated to commit suicide. His relatives, however, insist that Artak was brutally tortured and murdered.  

"I insist that my son's murder was a premediated, brutal, group, deliberate murder. It is the only article applicable to Artak's case. If you see my son's photos, you will be shocked. Traces of violence can be seen even under the make-up. Their brutality and ferocity has no limits. He was killed only for not collecting "dues" from soldiers, for treating them well. It is obvious, there is no other reason," Hasmik says.  

"If they are concealing the case today, do not give us the materials we want to use to order additional forensic expertise abroad because all their expertises are false, it means their goal is to conceal and protect those scum," Artak Nazaryan's mother concludes.

Mary Aleksanyan 

Source: www.hra.am