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Demanding Fair Trail for 20-year-old Zaruhi’s Murder Case


At the "Women Rights' Center " nine similar wooden skeletons are kept. These are made by the employees of the centre  in the memory of those Armenian women, who were subjected to violence and beatings but were not ashamed to speak out demanding to respect their rights and end the violence.

On the wooden skeleton of 20 years old Zaruhi Petrosyan, who died on October 1, 2010, as a result of a cruel beating by her husband and mother-in-law, it is written in Armenian and English.

"Zaruhi Petrosyan. I got married when I was 18. When I was 20, I was deprived of life, and my 1.5 years old daughter was left orphan. From the very first day of my marriage my husband and mother-in-law were degrading, beating and torturing me. The last time I was kicked, they broke my knees and fingers, smashed my head and plugged my mouth with cloth tostop the blood. Moreover, for registering my death as an accident, they rolled me down the stairs.

Today Zaruhi Petrosyan's wooden skeleton is standing in front of the General Prosecutor's building.

"Do not keep silent, speak out", "Twenty years old Zaruhi Petrosyan died from her husband's and mother-in-law's cruel beating." "No to Domestic Violence" with these and many other writings the representatives of the coalition "Against Violence Towards Women" organized a protest in front of the General Prosecutor's building.

They require a fair trial for  revealing Zaruhi Petrosyan's death circumstances and for making a fair verdict. At the same time an action was taking place in Los Angeles too, initiated by the"Human Rights Council", to stop the violence towards women in Armenia.

The representative of "Women Resource Centre" Tatevik Aghabekyan says that they will keep on making similar protests to remind the society about Zaruhi Petrosyan's dramatic death until the people responsible for the death are punished.

Zaruhi Petrosyan's dramatic death should be a sign for the women so that they protected themselves and didn't allow  anyone to raise hand on them, to beat them", says Tatevik Aghabekyan.

According to the statement of he head of "Women Rights Centre" Susanna Vardanyan, today 1/3 of women in Armenia are subjected to different types of domestic violence. Calls on hot lines are increasing. The specialist links it not to the increase of violence, but to the increase of awareness level of women.

During the action some of the members were invited to the General Prosecutors, where a promise was made for fair trail on the case. They also promised to connect with the Military prosecutor's office in Eghegnadzor where the investigation took place and find out more details.

Let us remind that on October 1, 2010 20 years old Zaruhi Petrosyan died in "Erebuni" Medical Centre. It turned out that the cause of her death was head injury and numerous injuries have been found in different parts of her body. According to the pre-study of Zaruhi Petrosyan's husband Yanis Sarkisov evidence, he regularly beat his wife. On September 26, on the day of the case, Sarkisov again brutally beat Zaruhi. Yanis Sarkisov is charged according to the Article 112.2.14 CC of RA (intentional damage to health, which accidentally caused death). But the problem is that only the husband Yanis Sarkisov is detained, and no case is set up against the mother-in-law. Whereas according to the evidence of Zaruhi Petrosyan's sister, on September 26, Zaruhi was subjected to brutal violence not only by her husband but by her mother-in-law too.

Hasmik Harutyunyan

Source ww.hra.am