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While RA President assigns thorough investigation into March 1st cases, complaints reach out the European Court


On the 9 of 10 cases of the victims of March 1, 2008 preliminary letters of intention to appeal the lawsuit had been sent to the European Court of Human Rights. Defense Lawyers Artak Zeynalyan and Vahe Grigoryan said that the deadline for submission of the final complaint is May 6th.

When the preliminary letters had been already submitted, RA President Serzh Sarkisyan during the meeting on judicial legal reforms held on April 20 ordered to investigate cases of March 1st more thoroughly and in details. "I expect new momentum and marked reviving", said the President and added that "the issue is very important for our state, our society and for avoiding different speculations". 

On Artak Zeynalyan's opinion, the reason of the President's order may be the demand of the political opposition. Zeynalyan is not willing to make forecasts. "We will se what are the results. If it leads to changes, then it was not declarative", says legal representative of March 1st victims. He added that their decision to submit final complaints will remain invariable regardless of everything.

The next day of the President's order,  a prompt discussion was conducted at the Special Investigative Service and a decision was made to reconsider all the evidences obtained during the preliminary investigation.

On the same day the Special Investigative Service circulated the announcement where they call upon those who have any information about the circumstances of the March 1st and 2nd cases and deaths of 10 victims to apply to the investigation group of the Special Investigative Service. The Special Investigative Service guarantees the confidentiality of persons submitting information and if necessary protection measures will be applied.    

The Armenian National Congress (ANC) central office Coordinator Levon Zurabyan told RFE/RL's Armenian service that one of the three demands of the opposition "can be considered to have been satisfied".  Earlier, at the ANC April 8 rally, ANC leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan announced he expects that before the next rally schedueled for April 28 their three demands "for dialogue" which are: free all political prisoners, and guarantee opposition access to Liberty Square, agree to an objective inquiry into the 2008 post-election unrest and ten killings in Yerevan will be met.    

Until recent opposition rallies, ANC representatives were insisting that investigation bodies did imitation of the disclosure of March 1st cases.

"Satisfaction of our demand related to March 1st is a signal that perhaps the authorities are ready to satisfy all our demands after all", said L. Zurabyan.

Yesterday Armenian Ombudsman Karen Andreasyan expressed his willingness to mediate a dialogue between opposition and authorities. "I will send a written suggestion to the National Assembly's ruling coalition and the Armenian National Congress with the expectation of positive response and with determination to take practical steps", said RA Ombudsman in the statement circulated on April 25.

According to the assessment of the ANC lawyer Armen Khachatryan, there are 7 political prisoners at the moment and three of them are not connected to March 1 st events.

Mary Alexanyan

Source: www.hra.am