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Apartment registration: freedom fighter from Vanadzor waited for his turn for 4 years and then learned that his name was taken out from the list


On April 22 of this year the Housing Commission of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) made a decision to remove Karapet Hovhannisyan registered in Vanadzor from the list of the homeless. He is a freedom fighter and a Karabakh War invalid. 

"I received the note some days ago. Before it, in June and July, I wrote several applications but they did not tell me that he had already been removed from the list in April," Karapet Hovhannisyan's 35-year-old daughter Lusine says.

Minsitry of Defense explains that in accordance with requirements of the decision number 947-N of June 9, 2005 of the RA Government, at the moment of registration for apartment Karapet Hovhannisyan did not have permanent registration for the last 5 years in the given settlement. 

Lusine's father - Karapet Hovhannisyan, was since 2008 registered by the Lori province administration in the list of the homeless sent to the MoD under the number 1271.

The RA MoD Department of Social Protection of Servicemen informed hra.am that Karapet Hovhannisyan was registered in the list due to dereliction of local self-government bodies or because they did not notice that he was not registered in the settlement for 5 years which was detected and he was removed from the list.

Human right activist Artur Sakunts believes that the decision on removing K. Hovhannisyan from the list is groundless and has to be annulled.

"K. Hovhannisyan's permanent place of residence, according to passport data, is town Vanadzor, and it was written down in 1998. He was included in the list in 2008," the human right activist explains.

However, by this decision the family of seven has been deprived of the chance to get an apartment after waiting for years. Lusine says that members of her family - father, two brothers, daughter, have been registered in Vanadzor for five years and more.

Vanadzor native Karapet Hovhannisyan in 1990, during the Karabakh war moved with his family of six and his nephew to Hadrut region of Nagorno Karabakh and settled in Mets Taghlar village. The Hovhannisyan family left the apartment they rented in Vanadzor that was almost destroyed in the earthquake hoping to get their own house and jobs in Karabakh. Later, however, the family returned to Armenia.     

"If we were till now fighting to get an apartment, now the last hope died. What shall we do now? We should either go to some embassy to ask for refugee status or go to the RA President's residence, put up a tent and live there to show we have no house," says Lusine who was a signaler during the war.

"It's true we lived in different apartments since we had no house of our own but the town did not change, it was the same Vanadzor," Lusine explains. 

Araik Zalyan, lawyer of the Helsinki Citizens Assembly Vanadzor Office NGO, says that in this case the person's property right was interfered, and that before making such a decision the administrative body had to inform the members of the family about the day and time of the session. 

"It is a gross violation due to which the person had no chance to express his position during the session. All evidence is present that the person lived in Vanadzor for 5 and more years but since he was not informed about the session he could not present appropriate documents," says the lawyer.

Besides lawyer Zalyan attracts the attention to the fact that in the answers to Lusine Hovhannisyan's letters sent after April, the MoD did not inform her about the decision to remove him from the list, and the family learned about it only after several months.

"The person has a right to appeal the decision. And special terms are specified to appeal administrative acts. Not informing the person had a voluntary nature in order to affect the appeal process later," the lawyer expresses his doubts.

To appeal the decision adopted by the MoD Housing Commission the Hovhannisyan family applied to the administrative court.

Anush Bulghadaryan


Source - www.hra.am