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Residents of Kond neighborhood are worried: the construction company does not meet the obligations


The issue of alienation of the Kond neighborhood for the state needs has not obtained a final solution so far. The current construction company "Downtown Yerevan" CJSC without comments terminated the construction of the building where residents of the alienated area should have obtained the apartments.

During the soviet era, executive power of the country had approved the project of reconstruction of Kond. According to this project, the constructions should have been accomplished within two years. In the beginning of 1990s the process was terminated. After several years, in 2006 according to the RA Government decision Kond was recognized as eminent domain. Construction company "Downtown Yerevan" CJSC took the obligation to alienate 175.760 square meters of the district's space by 2012. In 2007 the company launched the negotiations and signed the contracts with the owners. According to those contracts, the residents of Kond should have obtained apartments with equal space in the building that was planned to build there.

Part of the houses of Kond was destroyed and the company started construction of the high-rise building in the vicinity of Surb Hovhannes Church and "Dwin" Hotel. However, so far only the foundation and the skeleton of 4-5 floors in the part of the building are built.

"I have signed my contract on June 20, 2008 for 36 months. It means that in June of this year I should have entered my new apartment but even 20 % of the building is not ready. For breach of the contract the construction company is obliged to pay a fine equal to 0,05 percent of the total contract cost for each day. But will they pay?", posed a rhetorical question the resident of Kond Sonya Yeghyan.

She says that out of 909 estate units only 198 were alienated (35 000 square meters of space) and it is already a year and a half that no negotiation is conducted and no contract is signed.

Residents of Kond remain in ambiguity and fear; whether "Downtown Yerevan" will meet its obligations under the contract. They submit letters to different bodies and do not receive exhaustive responses on the reasons why the alienation process was frozen and the constructions were terminated.

In response to the claims, the Yerevan City Construction Investment Project Implementation Unit assured them that the company "is ready to meet the obligations under the contract on time and properly." While "Downtown Yerevan" corporation informs that "in Kond neighbourhood the constructions will be conducted in a regular way before the expiry of the date of the Government decision".

Kond residents believe neither the Municipality nor the constructing company's assurance. They have submitted an open letter to the RA President and demanded to speed up the fulfillment of alienation process and construction works.

Residents of Kond have serious health problems

Houses in Kond neighborhood, which the residents hardly can call "house", are expired. Residents say there are tumble-down buildings with 300 years of history.

"In every house there is someone ill. We see sun light neither during summer, nor winter. The houses are moldy, damp, the walls are cracked. There is an epidemic of tuberculosis, because of that mold many diseases emerge. Our kids carry the water from early childhood. People get curvature of the spine and hernia because they carry the water. Young women are not able to have children; they should be healthy to give a birth to healthy kids...what else I can say, there are insects and rats in the houses", says the resident of Kond Tatyana Igityan.

Kond residents can not renovate their houses: either the permission for constructions is not obtained or they do not have a possibility. "It is impossible to renovate these houses, it should be destroyed and new houses should be built. But who can afford this when we know that the houses will be destroyed. Nobody has extra money to loose", says Tatyana.

"In 21st century people are deprived of primary amenities in the downtown of Yerevan: there is no water supply, no electricity, they say it is a red zone. We ask to build and asphalt the streets and again they say it is a zone of alienation. So what we should do, what is our fault, why they do not start the process?", says Sonya Yeghyan and adds that residents of Kond are ready to move to the suburbs of the city in exchange for proper life conditions.

The only narrow street that connects Kond with the city is sleep slope; it is covered with ice in winter and becomes impassable. "We hold on the walls while walking, there is no transportation, cars can not enter the narrow streets", says Ms. Sonya. Tatyana adds that even the ambulance cars when receiving a call from Kond clarifies which street is the call from and if it is a narrow one, they do not come.  

"No one cares for us; there is no public official whom we had not applied on Kond's issue. Nobody tells us what will happen eventually. We are getting destroyed, it is a genocide", complains Tatyana Igityan.

Mary Alexanyan

Source   www.hra.am