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Profession – Person Expressing His Civic Position (video)


Green was born, grew and then died early, making people express their civic position on the issue of damaging the nature as a result of producing palm oil.

"Green" is the color, but in this case it is the name of one of the orangutans living in the past in the forests of Indonesia. Through the death scenes of this orangutan people learned what happens to the animals living on palm trees after the trees are used for getting palm oil.   

The film "Green", which lasts for 49 minutes, presents Indonesian tropical forest, logging and the danger of orangutans' extinction. The film was made by Patrick Rouxel, who is neither a producer nor a journalist by the profession. As he says, he is a person expressing his civic position.

This film got many awards in various world famous award ceremonies. The award for this film given by Arevordi 6th Environmental International Festival in the nomination of "The Choice of Arevordi Festival" was its 19th award.

Although having such reputation, the film was bought only by 10 TV companies around the world. According to Rouxel, this is a classical example showing that TV companies are not concerned by environmental problems and they only want to earn money.

"It is surprising but only the small countries buy the film: for example US, UK and Australia didn't want to buy the film, instead Italy, France, Belgium, Poland, Japan bought it. They grounded it with the film being speechless and without speaker's text", says the producer.

There is no speech since the film presents the life of orangutans, natural sounds, and people's intrusion into that life through various equipments making anti-environmental sounds. The producer says he expresses everything with those sounds. The film is also definitely not showed since it can harm the income from advertisers.

"Green" proves that every day by eating Nutella, Kit-Kat or by using Dove, Head&Shoulders and other famous brands, which are advertised by the same TV companies, we kill orangutans. The statistics prove this."But there are organizations which after this film and other international organizations' struggle stopped using palm oil in their productions", states the producer. 

Rouxel now fights for the rights of gray bears which are kept in cells. In Indonesia he transferred one bear from the cell to nature and now as he says he feels himself like its father."I am going there for 6 months and I am going to reveal the world of nature through that bear", says Rouxel.

Rouxel is unemployed, which means he gets no funding, he only gets pension from the state for unemployment, and sometimes gets money from his films. He says he is not complaining about anything and even though he is 45, he is not married, but that allows him to avoid from additional expenses. 

The film is available online, since for Rouxel the availability of the film is also a form of struggle.

Karine Ionessyan

Photo: www.sunchild.org

Source: www.hra.am