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No fingerprints were discovered on the instrument which served for suicide


The parents of 19 years old Tigran Hambardzumyan are waiting for the results of the second forensic expertise. 5 months have passed after Tigran's body was found in the forest near the military unit of Karmrakar, Kapan on the 29th of June, 2011. According to the official version he committed a suicide. Tigran's father Benik Hambardzumyan suspects that nothing will change after the expertise either.

"There is no suspect, who could be responsible for this...I have always stated that my son was killed by the officers, let them go and find who", said Tigran's father to www.hra.am.

On this occasion criminal case was instituted based on the 1st part of article 110 of the RA Criminal Code (driving to suicide). Benik Hambardzumyan's attempt to replace the article of driving to suicide with intentional murder was not successful. "They are not able to prove that it is a suicide, but they do not accept what I say either, they do not pay attention", says the father.

According to him, the replacement of the article will create lots of problems for the investigative body: "They should look for those who are guilty, they should find the reasons, those who are guilty should be punished. But it is easier this way, no one is guilty, no one is responsible, no one has headache. Sequential murder in our army..."

The official version for this case

According to the official version Tigran Hambardzumyan arbitrary left the military unit on the 28th of June, 2011, at around 18.30. After the searches, the body of the soldier was found in 100 meters from the military unit on the 29th of June, at around 13.15. The body was found without facial and neck tissues. During the examination of the area, bloody spot was found under the tree, in 16 meters from the body and in 3 meters from this place razor blade of "Rapira" type was found. During the study of the body wide wound on the left hand was found with 7-8 cm length and 1,5x2 width.

Criminal case was instituted on this occasion based on the 1st part of article 110 of the the RA Criminal Code (driving to suicide). At the moment there are no suspects or accused on the case. The investigation continues.

According to parents, this was a murder

The first forensic expertise had unclear points not only for the soldier's family, but also for the military prosecutor Gevorg Kostanyan. In September he demanded second forensic expertise, however, the results are still unknown.

The Senior Officer of the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Defense Mary Sargsyan informed www.hra.am that the results of the expertise are not yet ready, and it is unknown when they will be ready.

According to Benik Hambardzumyan, intentional murder was committed, which occurred in another place. "The place where the body was discovered doesn't correspond to the area described by the officials, where according to them the suicide was committed. The murder was committed in another place, after which the body was brought and left there, that is for sure", states the father.

It is also illogical for the father, how a person who committed suicide, could later take off his clothes and lie down horizontally with the face on the ground and the hands under the head. "The person who cut his tendons and veins, and feels strong pains cannot take horizontal position. He should wince and coil up because of the pain", says Benik Hambardzumyan.

According to the first expertise the reason of the death was the loss of blood: the time of the death is not concrete, as mentioned "it happened 24 hours before receiving the body".

The father is sure that his son was killed earlier. "How could animals eat the whole face in a few hours and leave only the skull. Besides how could the animals eat the face and the throat of a person lying down on his face".

Besides that, according to the materials of the case, for a long time Tigran remained on the ground in the nearby forest in a visible area, however, he was discovered only a day later.

The investigation revealed that there are blood spots on the razor blade found in the area, however there are no fingerprints on it, "Probably after suicide he cleaned the fingerprints", mocks the father. He is suspicious that it could be possible to make such a wide wound with 2cm razor. The parents suspect that the wounds were made for concealing the murder tracks and for imitating suicide.

The resident of Norabats village of Ararat marz (Masis region) Tigran Hambardzumyan was called to the army in December, 2009. He died in the army, when only 6 months remained for the end of his term.

Today was the 5th month of his death, however, the circumstances of his death are still unknown, and no one is imprisoned.

Mary Alexanyan

Source: www.hra.am