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The law on Environmental Impact Assessment adopted: will the President sign it?


The RA National Assembly passed the draft on amendments to the RA law on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) in the second reading, ignoring the protest of environment protection and civil activists.

The environment protection activists claim that RA President does not ratify it and send it back to the National Assembly, where they will submit their practical recommendations.

The draft onthe amendments to the RA law on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is being discussed for more than a year in various environmental meetings. The deputies of “Heritage”political party also expressed their dissatisfaction with the amendments.

The wave of dissatisfaction particularly raised in the end of October 2011, when the law was brought up for discussion in the National Assembly. The environment protection activists were again on the losing side as the law was totally ratified in accelerated procedure within 2 months.

 “I am sure, that they would make amendments to this law after some time, as it cannot function in this form”, says the lawyer of Environmental Law Resource Center of YSU Faculty of Law.

To remind, this law restricts the actions of ordinary people and civil activists. They cannot take part in any action of environmental impact assessment and choose experts who would present their point of view.

According to the law, the conclusion of the assessment is not considered a legal act, thus it is impossible to dispute in the court of law.

The environment protection activists claim their constitutional right to be maintained. According to Article 83.5 of the RA Constitution the issues below shall be set forth exclusively by the laws of the RA terms and procedures for the exercise and protection of the rights by natural persons and legal entities. Thus that procedure had to be included in the draft, but it is absent.

The appeal of the environment protection activists was accepted in the office of the RA President on February 14. The President will either sign the draft law or send it back to the National Assembly.

Photo by-Yervand Karapetyan

Karine Ionesyan

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