Point of View

By 19:20 the number of emergencies reported is 140


 Civil Society Institute continues to visit precinct stations in different regions of RA with the legal assistance ambulances. The  30 cars conducted more then 350 visits to the polling stations until 19:20. The number of calls to the 080-080-804 hotline is 140.

Lawyer Liparit Simonyan reports from Gyumri that the CSI observer noticed at 19:00 that the ballot boxes were not closed and stamped.

He turned to the chairman of the commission, but the latter neither agreed to make a report nor to eliminate the violation. He also refused to accept the written observation of the observer, which was filmed by the CSI observer and the journalist.

Lawyer Liparit Simonyan made a report to the police on the incident.

Another emergency was registered in Ashotsk polling station 33/19. During the whole electoral process the envelopes were stamped with a wrong stamp. Personal stamps were used instead of CEC stamps. CSI observers recorded this fact and reported to the hotline.  

Source www.hra.am