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"Maintaining public order by the police does not mean to beat the citizens": Ombudsman's response


We express our concern over the events that took place at Saryan street yesterday.

Maintaining public order by the police does not mean to beat the citizens and being guided by one’s own emotions while fulfilling official duties is an indicative of low professionalism. Therefore, we expect adequate steps to be taken towards all the policemen who used disproportionate force against the participants of the demonstration.

At the same time, some of the participants demonstrated an unacceptable behaviour as well. In different video materials, dissiminated by the media, it is evident how some of them harshly insulted or pushed police officers. Realization of human rights does not mean permissiveness, illegal behaviour and disrespectful attitude towards law enforcement bodies.

The Human Rights Defender will give a full assessment of the situation after he has received the official explanations by the police according to the law.

RA Human Rights Defender Karen Andreasyan

Source www.hra.am