Yerevan Municipal Elections are Held in Extremely Tense Conditions


Yerevan, RA – The Civil Society Institute non-governmental organization, which in the scope of the Yerevan Municipal Elections 2013 legal initiative is conducting observation mission in the No. 1 polling station and over the entire area of capital Yerevan with its 10 legal ambulance cars, states that as of 2 pm, May 5 the elections are being held in extremely tense conditions, as compared to previous elections carried out in Armenia in the recent years.

Mass voter directions are observed both inside and outside the polling stations. Psychological and physical pressure is exerted against the participants of election process, which are being recorded by observers. All of this is mainly taking place outside of polling stations in the light of inactivity by the police.

The Civil Society Institute calls upon the RA Police to prohibit the presence of directing persons, in groups or individually, in the vicinity of polling stations. Also, we call upon the Central Electoral Commission to instantly respond to the alarm calls from polling stations and to take steps to exclude the presence of unauthorized persons inside polling stations.

Constantly updated information on the election process, violations recorded by the observers of the Civil Society Institute and alarm calls received through 080-080-804 hotline can be found on the Human Rights in Armenia website, http://hra.am/en/events/2013/05/05/elections

Source www.hra.am