Series of Trainings on Transitional Justice


On February 24-26, March 3-5 and March 10-12 new training sessionson Transitional Justice took place in the framework of the Coalition for Rebuilding of Trust projectimplemented in Armenia by the Civil Society Institute in partnership with the Caucasus Institute.  Beneficiaries are human rights activists, journalists and students. The selected participants were invited to take part at the training, which was this time organized in Yerevan. Each set of training lasted for 3 days, with three-hour sessions (presentations and workshops) each day.

During the first training day, ArtakKirakosyan, the Chairman of the Board of Civil Society Institute NGO, started the program with an interactive discussion about the notion of Justice. In the course of the discussion and interactive game the participants came up with their ideas and perceptions of the concept of justice.

After the break, Alexander Iskandaryan, director of the Caucasus Institute, continued the program and talked about so-called “color revolutions” and “Arab spring” phenomenon, their reasons and consequences. The participants discussed the recent developments in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine.

The participants started the second day session with a brief summary of the previous day. Then they discussed Transitional Justice, its notion, mechanisms, necessityandeffectiveness. A view on Justice as a reflection of social agreement was also discussed in detail.

On the final day of the program the participants met Vladimir Vardanyan, with whom they talked about transitional justice and discussed it in the context of the Armenian Genocide. After the discussion the participants summed up the general ideas and filled in the evaluation forms.

In their evaluation forms the participants mentioned that the information provided during training sessions was useful and interesting. They got an opportunity to discuss various points of view on vital issues as well as to analyze and compare different opinions. The participants also underlined that they appreciated the opportunity to talk about issues which are very sensitive and important for them, for instance, notion and examples of crimes against humanity, different dimensions of Justice, the Armenian Genocide, as well as the painful experience of other nations: Genocide in Srebrenica and Rwanda and Holocaust.

Source www.hra.am