A. Danielyan: «Europe Day is a good opportunity to show the work we have accomplished»


The events dedicated to the Europe Day, organized by the EU, have already become a tradition. They commenced on May 17th in Gyumri and culminated in information fair and a gala concert which took place on May 24th in Freedom square.

The informational exhibition included more than 60 different programs carried out in Armenia with the support of the EU.

The «Civil Society Institute» NGO also took part in the exhibition, presenting «Exclusion of torture and forced confessions as a ground for fair trial» project which is being carried out under the support of the EU.

There was a lot of activity around the CSI pavilion. The organization came up with an original idea. The staff members were «arresting» random passers-by and by means of a specially designed test checking their awareness of their rights in case of an encounter with the police.

12 questions were offered. Participants with good results were rewarded with gifts and the top 15 participants were invited to a film screening and discussion at the CSI office.

«The goal of the quiz was to check people's knowledge of their rights. At the same time, the quiz also had an educational goal. Thus, besides the questions, simple explanations on respective rights were given, and booklets were handed out. The quiz inspired a great interest in the public, people of different age and profession participated and there were even lines forming at our pavilion», noted Anna Melikyan, a CSI lawyer.

The President of the Civil Society Institute Arman Danielyan emphasized the importance of the event and welcomed the programs which take place in Armenia with the support of the European Union.

«Europe Day is already a traditional holiday for all of us, and is also a good occasion  to show the work we have accomplished. We've preferred to present ourselves in this format as we think every person should be aware of his/her basic rights while being in the police department in order to be safe and avoid torture», noted Arman Danielyan. He also added that the results of the quiz have shown a necessity to raise people's level of awareness.

We'd like to add that Europe Day in Armenia has been celebrated since 2010 and the goal of this event is to present the activities and the programs which the European Union carries out in Armenia.

Source www.hra.am