Civil Society Institute requested the Head of the Police to terminate its membership in the Disciplinary Committee


Arman Danielyan, President of Civil Society Institute NGO asked Vladimir Gasparyan, Head of the Armenian Police to terminate his membership in the Police Disciplinary Commitee.

CSI and four other non-governmental organizations have become the members of the Disciplinary Committee on the basis of the Government Decree issued on 8 May 2014 to ensure public oversight over police conduct when ensuring public order during peaceful assemblies.

In light of complete inactivity of the Committee CSI believes that the Committee does not serve its goals therefore it makes no sense to continue acting as its member.

Below is the full text of the CSI’s request to the Head of the Armenian Police:

“Dear Mr Gasparyan,

Given the importance of the role of public oversight over police conduct during peaceful assemblies, I applied for the membership in the Police Disciplinary Committee as a representative of non-governmental organization. On 21 May 2014 I received a letter from the Armenian Police informing me that according to the Government Decree No. 507-A of 8 May 2014, me, Arman Danielyan was appointed a member of the Committee.

As no meeting of the Committee has been organized for a prolonged period, I came up with the initiative and sent you relevant video materials, where it was clearly visible how the police officers used force and violence against protesters when performing their service on maintaining public order during a demonstration of 23 June 2014, at 22 Saryan Str. I suggested disciplinary proceedings be initiated to investigate alleged violations by the police.

I received a letter informing me that the Committee meetings are called only when instances of serious disciplinary breaches are identified. In relation to the incident mentioned in my letter it was stated that an internal investigation is in progress, and if serious breach is identified, a meeting of the Committee would be called.

However, no meeting has been called either in regard to the abovementioned incident or other cases, which provoked wide public discussion. I have not received any invitation for such a meeting of the Committee.

Taking into account the absolute inactivity of the Committee, I am convinced that it has only a formal nature and does not serve its purpose. Thus, I believe it does not make sense to continue my membership in this Committee. Therefore, I request that my membership in the Disciplinary Committee of the Police be suspended as of 3 October, 2014.”

Source www.hra.am