How To Choose a Ping Pong Table

Are you in a hunt for a great ping pont table but quite not sure what to look for? Well, consider this as your lucky day. In today’s article, I will share with an in-depth buying guide that will teach everything you need when buying a new ping pong table.

So what are you waiting for, keep on reading below.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Ping Pong Table

First of all, you should know that there are two main types of ping pong table, the indoor table and the outdoor one. The type of table you’re going to choose should mainly depend on where you are planning to place the table.

Most of indoor tables are made using wood and are designed for performance rather than being water-resistant. They should not be store in humid or wet conditions or else you will wake up with a warp table surface.

On the other hand, a great outdoor ping pong table may be more expensive compared to its equivalent indoor table since it is designed to significantly last much longer even if you’ll left it outside for years. It can withstand humid conditions as well as harsh temperature changes without rust or deformation.

So if you want to store your ping pong table outdoors, where it can be exposed to direct sunlight and moisture, you should opt for the outdoor models. But take note that indoor models provide a more natural and exciting bounce compared to outdoor ones.

Playing Space

Another factor you need to consider the space where you’re going to place your ping pong table. A great rule of thumb is to purchase a table with a width of 5 feet, a length of 9 feet and a height of 2.5 feet.

Furthermore, it would be wise to make sure that there will be 5 feet behind each end of the table and 3 feet on each side of the open space so playing can be as comfortable as possible.

Playing Surface

The quality of your play will highly depend to the quality of the playing surface and this indicated by the tabletop’s thickness.

If you have indoor ping pong tables with tops that are made out of specially coated derivatives like Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) or chipboard, the recommended thickness is no less than 16 mm. A 19 mm or 22 mm, on the other hand, provides a firm and satisfying bounce, making it ideal for indoor use.


If you don’t have the luxury of space that you can fully dedicate to a ping pong table, it is highly recommended that you opt for the collapsible models. This will absolutely make things a lot more convenient. You will have a great time playing without the need of occupying a room with the table almost all the time, even if you are not using it.

How To Choose a Ping Pong Paddle

You will find hundreds of ping pong paddles in the market today, but the most important thing is knowing and understating what will make the best product for you. Buying the right ping pong paddle is very important. Isn’t it awful when you spend so much money, only to find out that it will not fit what you need?

Table tennis bat and ball

Do not let this happen. Read below some guidelines on how to choose a ping pong paddle.

Playing Style

First of all, you need to consider what style of player you are. If you’re just new to the game, you might want to consider a paddle that is more middle of the road and is not designed for any particular style since you are still a developing player.

As you mature in the game, you will find your grip style – whether it is penhold or shakehand. You will also be able to identify whether you are a defensive player or an offensive one. These factors will highly affect your choice of ping pong paddle. 

For instance, a Butterfly 401 is a better option for a defensive player who uses greater control and placement in beating their opponent while the Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL is preferred by most offensive players who favor long shots. 

Moreover, most higher-end paddles give more power than the inexperienced players find challenging to handle.

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The paddle’s blade is the huge flat surface which will determine the paddle’s power rating. For instance, if you want an attacking paddle, you can choose a paddle with a lighter blade. It should also be made of rigid materials. But if you’re a defensive player, you can choose a heavier model that is made of softer materials.

Players who also enjoy fast-paced games might want to consider a blade that comes with numerous layers of material as it is a better choice. Paddle made out of lighter yet rigid materials will also suit you best.


The paddle should also be compact in size. Its depth, height, and weight should be the right size for you and is manageable. You should be able to conveniently hold it.


Ping pong paddles are made using a variety of materials like wood and carbon. The main difference between these materials is predictability. Since wood is a natural material, it usually comes in a non-uniform shape.

Basically, paddles made using wood material are much more unique and through practice and time, I’m sure you will be able to learn all the quirks of the paddle and you will get used to handling it.

Even though all paddles should be made out of 85% wood, a small content of carbon fiber can be added to improve the paddle’s predictability. If you opt for a paddle that is made with carbon fiber, you will notice an improvement in speed, stability, precision, and uniform balance.

While the all-wood model also has the benefits of improved spin and improved control.

A 4-Step Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pillow

Finding the perfect pillow can be so tricky because the market is currently flooded with all kinds of them . Therefore, we – the experts in the field of pillows are here to help you find the best pillow for your family. To choose the right pillow, you should follow the three steps below.

How Old Is The Users?

You know, different ages will suit different types of pillows. So, before choosing a pillow, you need to base on the age of the user.

  • Kids: Soft, colorful pillows are the best selection for. Moreover pillow material for children must ensure safety because the skin of the baby’s skin is very sensitive.
Colorful pillows help children develop thinking
  • Teenagers: Teenagers would want something that can express a part of their personality; they will be very interested in unique, colorful pillows.
  • Middle-aged: The Middleaged is period begins to show signs of bones and joints. So, It would better if you chose the colorful and soft pillow for them.
  • Seniors: Seniors have a hard time falling asleep, and mattresses and pillows are two things that significantly affect their sleep. So, you should choose soft color with tender color for them

What Is Your Sleeping Position?

Another vital factor that should be taken into account when choosing pillows is position when sleeping. This is important because the level of support you need depends on where you get the best sleep. Here are three sleeping positions and how to choose an appropriate pillow:

  • Side Sleepers: If you are a side sleeper, you need a pad with a configuration that is high enough to fill the space between the head and the mattress, resulting in difficulty sleeping.
  • Back Sleepers: Lying on your back is a typical posture when sleeping. When lying on your back, you should choose a pillow of average height because if you select a high pillow, you will have neck tension and trouble sleeping.
  • Stomach Sleepers: If you are a sleep on your stomachs, you should choose a soft, safe material that will not affect your face. Also, it would help if you did not choose pillows that are too high because it will cause neck pain when sleeping.

3. What Do You Want To Fill The Pillow With?

What we mean here is what pillow material you want to use. Because each different type will bring different feelings

  • Down: This is the most expensive of all pillows. The most outstanding feature of this pillow is its softness. So, it is an excellent choice for those who like soft cushions. Besides, the pad made of this material also can insulate.
  • Down / Feather: This is a combination of down and old feathers. The softness of the pillow depends on the ratio between down and inner feathers. For example, If the cushion has 50% feather, 50% down pillows will be on the softer than the pillow  has 75%feather 25% down.
  • Synthetic (Polyester): This type of pillow is reasonably priced and very easy to clean. However, their lifespan is quite short.
  • Foam: Currently, on the market, there are many memory foams, which are great for people with back pain because they help reduce pressure on sleeping. However, these two types of pillows are quite expensive and difficult to clean.

4. What Type of Pillow Do You Need?

On the market today, there are many different types of pillows with several  types of size.

  • Standard pillows: These types have some sizes such as (20, x 26), (20 punch x 28), Queen (20 punch x 30 punch), (20 Vase x 36).
  • Insert pillows: These pillows are often used to decorate. They are made from feathers or polyester to maintain their structure and have funny shapes in all different sizes.
  • Body Pillows: Pillows have long dimensions. They are used to balance sleeping postures, bringing comfort to sleepers.
Body pillows help balance posture when sleeping
  • Contour: These pillows are designed to hold the head and shoulders, they are often used for people with neck pain.


Above are four steps you should consider following before choosing a pillow. It would help if you first determined the object you use, then learn about their sleeping position, preferences, and finally find out the size of the pillow. We believe these steps will be beneficial and help you make the best choice.

Contact us again if you have any additional questions.

The 5 Best Aloe Vera For Acne of 2020

Are you spending so much time looking for the best way to treat your annoying acne? Well, I’m here to tell you that it is time to stop the search! I found the best way to treat it.

Do you ever wonder why the use of Aloe Vera for a healthy and glowing skin has been making so much buzz? Well, the answer is simple! It is because it really works.

In my article today, I will be sharing with you the best aloe vera for acne and even for acne scars. So are you excited to achieve a flawless skin everyone’s been dreaming of? Then keep on reading below!

Why is Aloe Vera Works Well With The Skin?

1. It will help you treat acne.

Here’s the reason why aloe vera do wonders when it comes to treating your acne! Thanks to its two hormones: Gibberellins and Auxin, both hormones contains anti-inflammatory properties that promote wound healing and minimize the skin inflammation. Aloe Vera’s Gibberellin content is a great growth hormone that can stimulate the production of new cells. It can help you quickly and naturally help your skin with less possibility of scarring.

What’s great about aloe vera is that it is not only soothing to the skin but it can also reduce inflammations, itchiness and blistering. Hence it is being used to significantly heal any chronic skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

2. It is a good moisturizer.

What’s great about Aloe Vera is that it will moisturize your skin without leaving a greasy feeling at all, making it ideal for anyone who has oily skin.

If you use make-up that is mineral based, Aloe Vera gel can be a great moisturizer to prep your skin to prevent the skin from drying. For men, you can use this as an ideal aftershave treatment since it has healing properties that can help treat any small cuts caused by shaving. Take note that shaving can also potentially cause acne.

3. It is anti-aging.

Everyone who age will always worry about how the fine lines usually appear as well as how the skin losses its elasticity. Fortunately, the leaves of aloe vera have an overabundance of antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E and beta-carotene which are all aids to improving the natural firmness of the skin and keep the skin hydrated.

4. It can help you soothe your sunburn

We all know how painful a sunburn can be, but thanks to the powerful healing wonders of aloe vera gel it works as skin’s protective layer and helps replenish skin’s moisture. And since aloe vera has several antioxidant properties and nutritional qualities, your skin will heal quickly.

5. It reduces the visibility of your stretch marks.

Stretch marks will appear whenever minor tears happen to the skin layers due to sudden and excessive stretching. Aloe vera gel can help you heal these wounds so you can hide these unsightly stretch marks.

Bonus:  It promotes healthy hair growth. The Aloe Vera gel is very hydrating to the hair follicles when applied directly to the scalp. It works well in repairing damaged hair follicles that it can even stimulate hair growth and treats dandruff.

How to Choose the Best Aloe Vera

Before you purchase an Aloe Vera gel, it is recommended that you consider these following factors.

  1. Level of purity. Since a natural product can go bad through time, it will need to be added with preservatives. So make sure you check the label and opt for a product that contains lesser preservatives; these products are recommended since they are much safer.
  2. Fragrance. I really like the unique scent of aloe vera so I find no reason why it should be added with another fragrance. The pure scent of a natural Aloe Vera product is soothing enough. Given that it is being stored properly, the product should not be producing any unwanted smell.
  3. Consistency. Since Aloe Vera is composed mostly of water, it comes out with a liquid consistency. This is why most manufacturers use thickening agent to their Aloe Vera product. However, this will only mean more unwanted components being added.
  4. Color. A good Aloe Vera gel should come on its natural color; the colorful it is, the more additives were used making it an unhealthy product.

Five of the Best Aloe Vera Products To Treat Your Acne

Amara Organics Aloe Vera Gel from Organic Cold Pressed Aloe

This 8-oz Aloe Vera Gel by Amara Organics is composed of 99.75% Aloe Vera and uses only natural products from the organic plants being cultivated in the United States. It also contains vitamin C and uses a lesser amount of preservatives.

I like how this product makes me feel well moisturized. I noticed how my skin feels smooth and soft after applying it. Since this product comes in thin consistency, it is easily absorbed by my skin without leaving any greasy or sticky feeling. This is definitely the best aloe vera for acne prone skin as well as those with oily and sensitive skin.

Most users feedback good results when it comes to treating acne with this product as well as fading the existing acne scars. They also noted that how this product has improved the appearance of lines and wrinkles on their skin, especially the crow’s feet near the eye.

What’s, even more, is that Amara Organics offer a money back guarantee without any hassle just in case you don’t get satisfied with the result of their product.


  • 100% organic aloe vera with 99.7% purity level
  • Its use is not limited to treating your acne alone but can also be used for several skin conditions such as insect bites and eczema
  • You can quickly spread to skin and does not leave any residue. It also won’t clog your pores


  • It is not fragrance-free.
  • Uses Xanthan to thicken the product

Green Leaf Natural Gel

Here’s another exceptional aloe vera gel, Green Leaf Natural is doing a good job of moisturizing the skin and treating acne. This organic product has 99.7% purity level so you this can be safely used by anyone with sensitive skin. It is even safe and ideal to be used by small children. Furthermore, it is also alcohol-free, paraben-free and does not contain any petrochemicals or dye.

What I like about this product is how this can be easily spread on the face, plus it does not leave any sticky feeling and does not clog pores. Also, this product is cruelty-free; this means the product has manufactured without involving any form of animal cruelty.

The use of this product is not limited to your skin; you can also use it on your hair as well as an after-shave product. And the packaging is just amazing! it comes in a flip bottle so you can quickly access the product and the bottle has been tinted to make sure it doesn’t get quickly oxidized. Isn’t it great how this product is so efficient and convenient?


  • It is organic and cold pressed
  • It is free from any harmful chemicals such as parabens and petrochemicals
  • This product is cruelty-free, it means its ingredients weren’t tested on animals.
  • Can also be used as aftershave gel or hair gel


  • Also uses Xanthan as its thickening agent
  • It contains citric acid that can possibly make your skin sensitive to light
  • There are users who complain that  it dried their skin

Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel

One advantage of Seven Minerals Aloe Vera Gel among the other products listed in this article is that it uses 100% natural thickener rather than xanthan or carboner.  It utilizes seaweed extract as one of its 100% natural and less synthetic ingredients. It contains 99.75% of cold-pressed Aloe Vera that has been grown from the United States to make sure all of its natural properties will be preserved.

As with its consistency, this product is superb! This product can be easily applied to the skin and is not too thick. I like how my skin almost instantly absorbs the product with leaving any sticky residue. After the application, I also notice how my skin has gotten glowing and feels so smooth and silky.

In addition to treating acne, this Aloe Vera gel can also help in clearing up rashes, taking the sting out of the bug bites, heals itchy scalp and dandruff and so much more. There are users as well who noted that it works well with their rosacea condition and dermatitis. Though it comes with very slight scent, users don’t find it unpleasant at all!  But if you are not satisfied with this product, you will get your money back


  • It is fragrance-free 
  • Does not come with carrageenan substances
  • Leaves your skin with fresh feeling without any residues


  • Requires shaking before use
  • Needs to be stored in the fridge

Earth’s Daughter Aloe Vera Gel Pure and Organic for Face

When it comes to skincare products, Earth’s Daughter has always been on top. They have produced excellent and efficient products; their Aloe Vera gel is no exception, it is absolutely one of the best in the market. In fact, Earth’s Daughter provides you with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

To start with, this product does not contain petrochemicals or parabens. It uses nothing but 100% natural ingredients, including an organic, cold-pressed Aloe Vera. It is color and fragrance-free, making it ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

It is also recommended to be used for irritated skin, sunburned skin, scratches, scars, eczema, bug bites, razor burns and of course, for treating acne. And this doesn’t end there; it can also be used as hair gel. I highly appreciate how multipurpose this product is. It is recommended for the whole family and it is even safe to be used by your pets.

I like how the product gets quickly absorbed by your skin and hair, plus it doesn’t leave any sticky residue at all, which I commonly notice with other products.


  • Comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Effective in treating acne
  • Fewer preservatives were used
  • Also, don’t contain any harmful chemicals like paraben


  • Its consistency is watery
  • Leaves your skin a sticky feeling

ArtNaturals Organic 100%  Pure Natural

Among the five products, ArtNaturals Organic 100% Pure Natural is the only product that claims they are using 100% pure and natural aloe gel. Though they also used the additional ingredient to preserve the product and maintain its condition. Its primary preservative agents are non-toxic like ascorbic acid and potassium sorbate, so it is safe to be used even if you have sensitive skin.

I must say that this product also wins when it comes to packaging. It comes in a bottle with a flappable top, so you can conveniently access the gel without the risk of the air getting in and cause oxidation.


  • It contains folic acid and vitamin B12 which is helpful is accelerating your cell regeneration
  • Its container prevents the product from oxidation
  • It has antibacterial properties which are important to prevent acne
  • Comes with flip-top cover for easy access


  • Uses thickening agent like Synthetic Xanthan

Final Thought

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up one morning, only to be greeted by a massive pimple. What is even more annoying is when your pimple starts turning black. Fortunately, aloe vera is overloaded with skin benefits like helping you heal your nasty pimple.

All of the products above are today’s best aloe vera for acne. I highly recommend all of them especially Amara Organic Gel since it is very gentle on the skin and uses fewer preservatives. It is fragrance-free and no artificial color was added. I also like how versatile this product is; aside from treating your acne, it can also help you deal any other skin conditions.

I hope this article has helped you find a good way to treat your acne as well acne scars. If you have some more tips on how to fight acne, share it with me and to your fellow readers in the comment section below.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.